Reliable Experience

FreemanGIS is a certified woman-owned small business founded in 2004.  The President and GIS Principal, Bonnie Freeman, has been working with geographic information systems (GIS) in the pipeline and environmental engineering industries for over 35 years.  Her experience includes project management, software design and development, geospatial analysis and programming, database design and implementation, and cartographic production.

Unique Expertise

Ms. Freeman served as project manager and lead programmer of a GIS prototype to identify areas unusually sensitive to environmental damage from a hazardous liquid pipeline release (USAs as defined by USDOT Title 49 CFR Part 195.6). Ms. Freeman spearheaded the design and programming of a geospatial model that applied the USA filter criteria in a valid, practical, and repeatable method. The USA identification model became an integral part of federal rules mandating integrity management for hazardous liquid pipelines. Ms. Freeman's unique involvement with these pipeline safety regulations has positioned her as a subject matter expert in hazardous liquid high consequence area (HCA) risk assessment.


Learn more about USAs and high consequence areas (HCAs) in Ms. Freeman's written works.