Environmental Remediation

Natural Resource Damage Assessments

FreemanGIS has provided GIS support to comprehensive environmental engineering teams through all phases of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) process. Accustomed to attorney exigencies, FreemanGIS has perused discovery material for analytically viable data and provided publication ready maps to support client decisions prior to injury assessment and quantification negotiations. Using ArcGIS to manage diverse data layers with myriad records, FreemanGIS has supported restoration implementation and monitoring for many NRDAs from large multiple trustee watershed projects to innovative rails to trails corridor projects.

Superfund Site Cleanup

FreemanGIS was instrumental in the design and development of the primary GIS database for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) Wildlife Refuge Area, (a 27-square mile Superfund site located in Denver, CO). Analytical and mapping tasks were managed and conducted for interim response actions, site assessments, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, and technical litigation support. Sizeable relational databases (1M+ records) of hazardous chemical samples from the ground, surface, and air were routinely used in the analyses. Using ArcInfo, FreemanGIS linked a proprietary groundwater modeling package to the RMA GIS database. Historic groundwater data were input, and flow was traced to model the direction, speed, and extent of contaminant transport during the years of active production at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. This model was the primary tool used to inform and educate the expert witness during litigation of an insurance case. Maps produced by the model were instrumental in the return of a successful verdict for the client.