HCA Segment Identification

FreemanGIS has been conducting Segment Identification risk assessments since 2001. To identify pipeline segments that could affect an HCA, we calculate draindown along the pipe and consider terrain, soil type, land cover, and waterborne transport when modeling spills overland and downstream. Our approach produces cogent spill scenarios that predict the direction and speed of transport from hypothetical releases along the pipe. We couple background knowledge about the HCA resources in the area with the geospatial intersection of spill plumes and HCAs to predict possible affect.

Overland Flow Toolset

FreemanGIS partnered with RCP, Inc. to develop a model that traces pipeline spills downstream and overland. The model is an extension to ArcGIS. Its tools are accessed through an ArcMap toolbar, where the commands use ArcEditor and Spatial Analyst functionality to render results. The model accepts operator-defined pipeline specs and outputs spill plumes as shapefiles that can be edited as needed to reflect known reality.

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